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In the heart of New York City lies the crossroads of the world, Times Square, where the ball drops on New Years Eve. It is a place known throughout the world, and a part of the folk lore of the greatest country on earth, the United States of America. Maybe you recall Guy Lombardo and New Years Eve, or maybe you don't remember Guy Lombardo, but you watched the ball drop with Dick Clark, or Ryan Seacrest. Directly below where the ball drops, and below street level, was Times Square Records! That gives you an idea of how amazing this story is.

There was a time that 42nd Street near Times Square was the sleaziest place in New York. Today it seems to be all multi-national corporations combined with "Disney", and associated with billions of dollars of advertising and sales. Come back with us before the area was too cleaned up, and 42nd Street was a dangerous place, and in the midst of this famous but often creepy place, was a record store, underground, that defied logic or reason. Come into the world of Times Square Records, down in the subway and near Huberts Flea Circus, that featured sideshow freaks once an hour. Step right in, with this recording and the great book that are your tickets to a world that did not exist at street level. A time when music mattered, and when dreams seemed possible, and nothing was odd about a raccoon sleeping on the counter. This is your chance to visit a place that you may never have seen, but wish you had, or re-visit a place that you actually did visit lo' those many years and decades ago. Times Square Records is alive and open again, and only in this unique cd and totally amazing book!



 Here is a sampling of what is included in the book.....

The start of the first "oldie" record store in history........

The records and the strange attraction of "Times".....

The hit records that were caused by "Times"......

The frantic search for rare records, and the "credit" records scene.....

A raccoon as the "pet" of the store.......

Read about the daily goings on at the store that was located in a subway arcade.....

The crazy records, the crazy customers, and "Slim" on the radio...

The story of "Slim" buying the car for "Genni"...learn what actually took place from "Genni" herself....

Read the story behind "There's A Moon Out Tonight" as told by three different points of view.......And also learn the truth about "Rama Lama Ding Dong", and other records that were a part of the Times Square Records happenings...

Learn what really happened when "Slim" sold "Times Square Records"....

Read the story about the store "Slim" had before the days of "Times Square Records".....

There is so much more....including photographs of rare "Times" lists, letters, the store, the cast of characters, the customers, and "Slim" too........284 pages of rock and roll history!

Not only am I the author of The History Of Times Square Records...
I am also the publisher. I hold the exclusive distribution rights to the book and the CD.

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Finally, a CD that will bring you back to those days of Times Square Records, each time you play it!


After reading the book, you might ask yourself… "Could "Slim" really sound and talk the way people describe him". 

The answer is a very strong "yes"!   In addition to an amazing collection of rare records on this limited

collectors edition cd, you will  be getting a previously unreleased version of "Slim From Times", which includes some "Slim" items that have never been made available to the public before! "Slim From Times" is a hypnotic half hour, and that's without counting the rare records and exciting bonus tracks!


Included in the amazingly rare, full half hour of "Slim", you get highlights from the wild and often insane radio programs that starred "Slim" on shows he often called "The Times Square Records Supper Hour For Teens From 8 to 96". (The title of the show usually changed each week!).


You will be drawn into the strange world of Times Square Records "live" as you hear excerpts of shows, conversations, and some of the wackiest mistakes ever made on radio!


 You will be treated to a heavy dose of what "Slim" sounded like and how he viewed the world!  You will hear "Slim", Genni, Harold, Shandy, Wayne, and other characters that inhabited the almost neon world of Times Square Records!  On top of that, you get rare records that were popular at Times, to the tune of over $250.00 worth of music, all on this unique limited edition compact disc!


The magic of "Times Square Records" was that it was the first and only home for the vocal group sound of the 1950's! The records that dominated Times became instant collector’s items, as well as the wild vocal group recordings that were special favorites of "Slim" himself.  In fact, "Slim" would try to make his own personal choices become the big hits of the store, and many times, he succeeded in doing just that!  The music was "crazy" in a wonderful way, and the store itself was sometimes even crazier than the music!  This was the first record store to become totally associated with this style of music! You will be transported back in time, just listening to this cd! It's a wild ride!


This is not just an ordinary cd, it is a "time machine" on a disc, and it includes the recording "Slim From Times", which when originally produced in a shorter form, carried with it the full blessings and gratitude of "Slim" himself.  This cd is a personal listening experience between you, Times Square Records, and "Slim".


Here are many favorites that "Slim" played on his radio shows, and which were featured on the famous "wall" at Times Records, in addition to being played in the store all the time!  These timeless classics include records from The Times Square Records label, as well as records originally re-released just for Times, and some in-store favorites as well.  (Including a few tracks from the only label "Slim" ever distributed, Candlelite Records).


Directly from The Times Square Records label, comes "Go Back Where You Came From" by The Summits, one of the wildest cuts ever recorded especially for "Slim", and his personal favorite release.  You will hear "It's Going To Be Alright" by The Decoys, one of the only Times Square Records to receive heavy airplay on regular am radio.  Other Times Square Records include "Oh Baby" by The Bel-Airs, "Times Square Stomp", and some of the big Candlelite favorites including "My Lonely Friend" by The Continentals, "Impossible" by The Velvatones, and the almost unbelievable, “Jeannie” by The Thrashers. ("Slim" ran a contest for people to come up with the lyrics to "Jeannie", and no one won!  By Times Records standards, “that’s” a record setter in itself!)


In addition to these wonderful recordings, are more gems that were favorites at Times or were recorded by some of the most sought after vocal groups to ever appear on the Times “wall”, or at a Times Records "live" show!


You'll thrill to such groups as the Shells, the Youngtones, the Admirations, the Sonics, the Youngsters, the Cameos, and more!   As an added bonus, “Do You Remember Times” will take you back on your own personal journey to a place in time like no other. You will find yourself right there in Times!


Amazing original vocal group recordings, plus additional bonus tracks that include "Slim From Times", the astounding half hour retrospect of "Slim" himself, and even more bonus tracks!  Almost an hour and a half of amazing, heartfelt memories, that you can re-live with each treasured play of this beautiful cd! Seventeen tracks in all!
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