"You got so many great stories in there. It’s funny how Slim is so elusive in some ways,
yet I know so much more about him now than I did.

And all the artwork, both the pictures and contracts, were fascinating.
I’m sure I’ll be going back through it numerous other times,
but my first read was just a whole lot of fun."

David Hinckley, The New York Daily News
April 1, 2007

"The fact that you did complete the book makes it all worthwhile.
Had you not, it might have left you to still be questioning all the experiences
, good and bad, that led up to it. Nothing ever goes smoothly all of the time.
I was impressed by the fact that you were able to put this all together in about a year.

The fact that you compiled and put it all together and presented it in an unbiased fashion speaks volumes for your credentials as a Journalist.

I'd read and heard stories about Jerry Green for many years. By allowing him to speak his peace and in his own recollections gives the reader a chance to draw their own conclusion about his and others perspectives about what happened, like with the "There's A Moon Out Tonight" situation.

You really did your homework when you brought in Al Trommers side of it. That made reading about it all the more fun.
Up to our book, I wasn't aware of Trommers' involvement, though I had heard of his name in Collectors circles.
Up to your book, I thought it was Jerry Green who was solely responsible for the reissue, and even Lost Nite records!"

Fred Clemens
April 7, 2007

"I for one have never been to Times Square Records. I have all ways wanted to go, but never made the trip from the Boston area.
 I have received a copy of Nadine Dubois' book, and I am enjoying it very much!!
I can get a mental picture of what kind of place this was and the cast of characters that hung out there.
  For those of you that never made it to Times Square Records, get a copy of the book and you'll see just how this record collecting hobby we all love so much got started. "

William Bruno
April 8, 2007

I received your book and want to say thank you.
You did a fabulous job recapturing those magical times.
I haven't read the whole thing yet, but from what I glanced at,
I am extremely impressed with your work.
Again, thank you for re-creating my teenage years.

Genevieve Miscavage Snyder
April 14, 2007

I received the book and cd today.  They both arrived in perfect shape.
 Thanks for packing so well.
I have not read the book yet, but I can say it looks great!!!
All those pictures are fabulous.
It's great to see those old store pictures and those collectors photos!
Val Shively is sure young there!!!

Best wishes and thanks a lot for such a wonderful work you've done!

Juan Ibanez
Barcelona, Spain Europe
April 16, 2007

The package including the two books/cds arrived today.
What an awesome book/cd.  You've done a great job.
I'm very impressed!!
E. Hakalehto
Finland, Europe
April 16, 2007

Your book truly captured a NYC from days gone by & a character in "Slim"
who was exactly as I imagined him.  I'm glad you didn't try to hide his blemishes.
One can be a good person, while at the same time having many faults.
It sounds like "Slim" was a good father, Times Square hustler,
an underage skirt chaser & caring guy all in one.
That's what would make for such a good visual story.
Mark Stitz
August 4, 2007

Wow! Amazing!  It made me want to open a record
 store just as  “Slim” did, with the records on the wall
and 45's hanging by string from the ceiling.
Thanks for writing such a great book on something that
can never happen again…Times Square Records!!
David Brown
August 15, 2007

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