The History Of Times Square Records
Why I Chose To Write This Book.......

I would like to take a moment to tell you the story behind why I decided to write this book. A question was asked through an email list "whatever happened to “Slim” Rose after his days at "Times Square Records". At first I wasn't going to respond to the email….I was just going to let it go by the wayside….after doing a little research on the internet, my instinct told me there was a story to be told.....Irving “Slim” Rose needed to be remembered….There were teens working behind the scenes……each one had their own story and memories. Teen collectors had memories of having a place where they could go to buy/trade records and just hang out…It was a “magical” time for all….these written pages will preserve that “magical” time forever…..

I responded to the email. At first my intentions were to find out where and when Irving Rose passed away or find corporate records that listed the officers in the company. Little did I know my search would take me on a journey that would change my life forever. As each fork in the road took me to a new research destination; I knew that I was headed on the path of discovering something important that made an impact on so many….as each day passed I found myself being drawn in…for me it was like going back in time….it was as though I were there reliving the memories…..I began to feel the excitement….the more I discovered…the more I needed to know……each story no matter how big or small made me want to go farther on my journey….It was only a matter of time that I knew I had to complete my journey by writing this book.

Within the covers of this book are different chapters…… you will read memories allotted to me by those working behind the scenes with Irving “Slim” Rose. There has been no editing done by this author to those words; except spelling and grammar. I am simply the communicator or storyteller of these words. It will be left to the reader to decide what fact is or here say. I have tried to provide as much documentation to substantiate what has been written.

You may ask yourself....Why after all these years do a book now? The answer is simple.....preserving memories……setting the record straight…….putting an end to rumors that have existed for over forty years.

Although Irving “Slim” Rose was slightly gruff or “rough around the edges” he made a contribution to the world of music that should be recognized and remembered…..this is my way of giving “Slim” his recognition. I never had the opportunity to visit Times Records and Times Square Records or get to know the “man behind the counter”, however after all the research I’ve done I feel as though I know “Slim” and I really like that “man behind the counter”…..

Times Records and Times Square Records made a difference….. ....friendships were formed which have stood the test of time and continue to this day. Many became successful in the business....

This is a story that needs to be told...... must be told......and will be told.....After reading the words within the covers I hope you agree too….

A special thank you to Val Shively for convincing me to write this book!!

Nadine DuBois

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